Crochet may have been considered as an outdated craft, used to create granny square blankets and hippy-looking clothes. This is no longer true, and with new techniques and looks coming from very talanted designers, crochet is now back on the podiums, and is on a new wave of popularity as a hobby. Below you will find information on a course for beginners, but should there be interest, we can easily put together a more advanced program.


Provided we will have a possibility to use the community hall in Biot, as promised by city hall (or can find another free/affordable venue) we would like to propose a year-long crochet course for beginners (30 sessions between October 2021 and June 2022, no classes over school holidays – additional workshops may take place over these subject to interest).

These will be structured 1.5 hour classes divided into 6-week blocks, for beginners and false beginners to progress in two dimensions at the same time.

The first would be mastering various techniques, starting from the simplest ones, and building on that. The second would be gaining confidence and independence when following patterns. We will progress from understanding a simple set of instructions, to more complex ones, to adapting a pattern to your needs. The ultimate aim is knowing how to implement an idea independently, but this might not be achievable in one year.

Price – 90€ per 6-week block, does not include any tools or materials.


Course will take place across 5 or 6 classes 2 hours each. It covers some of the basic stitches and techniques. Each time I will use a small project as a basis for learning, so by the end of the course students will have completed five small projects.

Course Outline

  1. Chain, slip stitch, double crochet stitch. Working in the round. Granny square. Small pouch.
  2. Working forth and back. Maintaining correct edges. Double crochet stitch, chain. Coaster.
  3. Estimating the size of your finished item. Half double crochet, coffee bean stitch. Mug cozy.
  4. Working in spiral – amigurumi principle. Single crochet stitch. Soft ball.
  5. Reading charts. Lace patterns. Working with thinner yarn. Pineapple bookmark.
  6. The topic will be defined together with students during previous classes

Informatop that may be covered gradually across the whole course:
• Yarns and their qualities
• Hooks and tools
• Gauge. Sample.
• Simple adjustment calculations
• difference between UK and US terminology
The extent to which these areas will be covered will depend on how easily students will progress through the main part of the course and therefore, how much free time there will be.

Price – 100 euros per person, including a beginner’s kit of tools and materials (you may need to get more tools and materials as the course progresses) + 10€ annual membership fee.